Can’t stop the jamming!


I remember my post from last year. After one year and a half of exhausting jamming and master study, I was starting to get bored by game jams. But I did a game on GameBoy and suddenly I realized something important. Game jams are not just about creating games. It is about living extraordinary experience (painful one too). Oh God I was happy when I compiled the last rom and uploaded it (with my shitty upload bandwidth, I was actually happy to create a 256kB gb rom instead of the usual 100mB .zip files that takes 20 min to upload home).

Jamming is easy for me now, so I try to go outside of my comfort zone on the game ideas. Welcome at Houdini’s for example made me try something new in terms of gameplay. As a beginner game developer, I was focused on creating game in a certain genre. Now, I have several prototypes that I want to continue as game project. For example, I want to have a Soup Raiders TRPG with crazy cartoon mechanics inspired by Disgaea, Fire Emblem and the like.

Jamming is about creating new ideas out of nowhere. I tend to want to create games in the genre I like, but game jams force me to try anything. If my colleagues want to try a specific idea, I bow to that and start to think how I will code it. With the Master in Game Design, I can also think to better way of implementing a mechanic, in a way, I became a gameplay programer.

This month of May was super busy at my job and I did not jam, but I don’t feel I missed something. I was always trying to make one game jam a month. It was my way of being creative. Now, I am also trying new engines (for example, I want to get my hand on Godot 3 as an alternative to Unity) and new platforms (GameBoy, Nintendo DS, Arduboy…).

So, in short, I can’t stop the jamming!

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Nordic Game Jam 17


With Julia Klement, we went on holiday in Copenhagen during the freezing week of Spring. Maybe not the best timing, but we went there also for the Nordic Game Jam 15, the biggest local game jam in the world with around 700 participants every year.


Before the departure, I realise that my chocolate Easter rabbit had a peculiar name (like one of my jealous colleague):

hdr Starting from that, all my tweets were about Luca the rabbit:


So the game we made is called “Luca the Magnificent”, it is again an Android/Desktop game where you play Luca the rabbit trying to escape from his evil magician master. You can play it here:

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NSFW – SAE (Super Awesome Extreme) Game Jam – Robot, Mon Chéri


With my new job, comes new responsibilities. I had the task with Game Department to organise a game jam at the SAE Institute Geneva. I had to select the theme and kickoff the event. You can see my interview in French here:

For the theme, I choose Mechanical Love for the combination of two interesting concepts. I really hate blank theme or too specific ones. In the list of very bad theme: NGJ15 with the theme “Obvious” and the Epic Game Jam Round #2 2015 with the theme “90% water, 10% evil and 5% skin”. People were happy about the theme and scattered around the school to work on their project.

With Julia Klement, we decided to take literally and to make a robot-dating game sort of like Tinder with robots. We took some characters from Splash, added other characters. Here is the cast:

mechanica_happy2 vacuum_neutral 01sr_happy toaster_hot

The game is called “Robot, mon chéri” and you can play it on Android and Desktop here:

I leave you with the shy robot ending, enjoy!


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