Codesign With Super-Density


For the International Workshop in Hong Kong, I chose to pass the week with the Honk Kong students of the HKDI (The Design Institute). The result of this workshop was a performance where students from Zürich and Hong Kong lived together in a village. We were 9 students, 4 from Zürich and 5 from Hong Kong.
Yanki Lee, Albert and William, with Louise helping, leaded this workshop by giving us inputs and by making us visit Hong Kong and showing us some film that was similar than the performance that was expected from us. Each day was divided in three: Visit a part of Hong Kong, See some film or dance short video and perform. The week was divided by the three different density of Hong Kong: Low, Medium and High Density.
Monday was an introduction to the workshop and a warm-up performance. We see 10 minutes of Dogville. The idea was to familiarize with the 36.8 m2 that is the standard size of an apartement in Hong Kong. We were then divided in three groups of three students. My group was composed by Pearl and Marco. We decided to show the different challenges of the 36.8 m2, by being roommates and where we could find bottlenecks. It was typically the toilets.
Tuesday, we visited a little village in the mountains around Hong Kong, in the new territories. We meet the Flower Granny (link to the blog post). We were bitten to blood by some evil mosquitoes. We explored also the gardening culture that is relatively absent of the other density in Hong Kong. Our performance of the afternoon was to break the wall, to simplify the cooking in the traditional Asian model. In Hong Kong, the culture of individualism that we know does not exist in the same way. A student does not eave his parents, except if he goes in Europe or in America. We compared the two models through the performance.
Wednesday, we visited the medium density area around Quarry Bay and North Point. For the afternoon performance, we went on a new architectural design that shift private and public place. The bedroom was publicly shared in different sleep time schedules and the private where divided in a circle design. We then switch to the 36.8 m2 model and put our model into practice.
Thursday, we went in Mong Kok and visited the High Density. We look at the traditional way of printing, which has completely disappear in Europe. In the afternoon performance, we finally took our circle model and brought it to life. Because we only had tape, the circle design became a hexagon. We shared the space influenced by our role. I played a business man and I didn’t need much space. In contrary, Marco playing an artist needed more space than the default regular design.
Friday, we recorded the performance and went back to the Connecting Space. We presented our work of the week, how we learned a lot of things from the Hong Kong students and what this exchange has brought us.

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