Nordic Game Conference 2019

Next to Malmö train station

During a cold May month in Switzerland, we went north to get warmer and showcase Soup Raiders at the Nordic Game Conference. I took the whole week to be able to visit on the first day. Our airbnb was a bit outside the city, but it takes less than 30 minutes to go throw the entire city. It is also 30 minutes by train from Copenhagen airport.

On Tuesday, we had the chance to visit several game studios like Massive, Avalanche, King, Tarsier, and all the lovely people at the Game Habitat. We visited the Game Assembly school and damn I was jealous.

Each student has a desk with a computer and two screens.

They have 5 curriculum in Swedish:
-Games Programming
-Game Art
-Game Animator
-Level Designer
-Technical Artist

The programmers build their own engine and make every 3 months with the other sections a game. So by the end of the education they did 8 games, while working on their own engine in C++.

But of course I was not there to just visit studios and schools…

So the goal was to meet as much publishers as possible and so I participated to the Publisher Market where we had 5min to pitch our game. This was fast and there were moments where I was pitching my game three time in 15min.

I also had the chance to talk in a small panel talking about the evolution of game programming languages starting from Assembly to C++. I was not expecting to talk there, but they ask the public and so I talked about what we do at the SAE Institute.

Malmö is a wonderful city, very similar to Lausanne, but by the sea and close to Copenhagen airport, one of the biggest airport in Europe. Even if I am comfortable in Lausanne, it is hard not to want to move there and work for those awesome companies there.

Bye bye Malmö

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Reboot Develop Blue 2019

Reboot Develop Blue is my yearly conference since last year in April. The lineup of speakers are always crazy and the costs are super cheap, adding that we are by the sea. It’s hard for any other conference to compare. This year, the main keynote was a discussion between Fumito Ueda and Hidetaki Miyazaki.

My colleagues and I took the plane from Geneva to Munich, ate a schnitzel, then from Munich to Dubrovnik. I had the chance to be seated next to George Krstic, the director of Story, Creative Development at Blizzard Ent. We discussed about various topics ranging from working conditions to their processes of creating stories for Overwatch, I guess I got the Thursday keynote spoiled.

Arriving at the hotel, I was a bit afraid for the weather, because it was raining a bit, but it went better during the week, with some sunny weather with sea wind to cool it down. Compare to last year where I wanted to relax, this year I went to the most talks possible and took a lot of notes to share with my students.

Some of my talks were by Croteam on terrain generation, Warren Spector on the definition of success, Andrew Parsons from Devolver about making decisions. The nice thing is te possibility to ask questions to speakers to deepen a bit the talk, unlike GDC where you have thousands of people running everywhere, Reboot is more relaxed.

There is a nice restaurant on the way to the conference, we could taste seafood and rosé from the region, even if the prices are quite comparable to Swiss prices. Anyway, that was Reboot 2019 and I am already looking forward for the next one next year.

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