Global Game Jam

Damn, I should write more on this blog.

I had a fun week on Lyon for the Global Game Jam, with Dan, Valentin, Virgile and Dorian.

The Jam theme was “What do we do now?” so we put ourself under the skin of a RPG hero who just killed the final boss. Title: Power Creep

One of the big constraint on the programming part, was to load a gigantic world without slow framerate. What is great is that I already implemented adaptive framerate. It means that the physics and the animations are dependent on time and not on the time between two frames.

On the organisation side, we discussed at the end on how to optimize our jam working pipeline. I always tend to do the Lead Design, the Level Design and the Programming, which are a lot of things. We always finish in the rush and feel that our game are complete. So I’ll have to learn to delegate some of my job to the other, or find someone.

I’m probably gonna add an really simple little editor for the level designer, for him to play with it

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