Ludum Dare 32 – Post-mortem


Last week-end, I made Super Splash Fistiguffs for the Ludum dare 32. Our team was composed with Kevin Peclet (, a very talented artist that I met at the Swiss French Game Developer Meetup. He works on Starfallen, an exploration Rogue-lite. Hamza “Tenchi” Haiken ( made the music.

Kevin and I took the train on Saturday morning for Basel. A location was organized in the Oslo Spielhalle. We brainstormed the idea in the 2hours of the trip. Kevin wanted to test something new, so he proposed a local multi-player game in the spirit of Towerfall. We wanted something not too serious, so there would have cats. What does cat hate? Water. So, water gun it was. Now, let’s go on the Post-Mortem:

What went wrong

I start with this category, because there are actually not much to say about it.

  • I could have slept more and better. I was really tired on Sunday evening and could have been more active.
  • I could have eaten and drunk better. That was not a direct effect on the week-end, but on Monday, I was not feeling completely alright in my belly.
  • To choose a local-multiplayer game restricted to XBOX controllers. I could have added the support for other controller and keyboard mouse.
  • Rating is not my favorite part of Ludum Dare, I voted for 20 games. I could do more…

What went right

  • The workflow between Kevin and me was very efficient. Unity was not very hard to master and the Spine plugin works fine. To implement a whole character, it took him less than one hour to draw and 15 minutes for me to implement. That is why we have a game with 4 characters and 3 levels.
  • We had a location in Basel, which helped to work together quickly. It would have not been the same if we’d have worked from home.
  • The game is fun. I had a lot of good feed-backs on the game. they are not only verbal one, but also people were laughing when playing the game. That was a positive sign for me, that I’m also learning during the Master I’m currently doing in Game Design.

Of course, we were stucked in Basel the Monday morning when we wanted to go home. I had a crowded TGV to go back to Zürich, but Kevin had to wait 20 more minutes before going back to Lausanne.

That’s it for me. Don’t forget to play Super Splash Fistiguffs if you didn’t already:


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Ludum Dare 32 – I’m in!

The Ludum Dare ( is the biggest gamejam online and I’m in! I will do a game in one week-end with Kevin Peclet, a friend from the Swiss-French Gamedev Meetup ( and Hamza “Tenchi” Haiken ( I will try to use Unity 5 for the first time in gamejam, normally I use my own custom engine which is a front-end of SFML and Box2D ( We are gonna jam from Basel, Switzerland, in a location organized by Game+Play:

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