I am a teacher!


I started in October 2016 a new job as Games Programming teacher at the SAE Institute Geneva, a private multimedia university. As a newly graduated professional in game design, it is really hard to find a stable job in Switzerland. I am still working also on my own game (Splash Blast Panic), so working at 100% was not a good plan neither. But I met Luca Giarrizzo, and together, we set up the program for the new class. I currently have 7 students for very various backgrounds, starting mostly from scratch to become professional game programmers.

I really enjoy my work. Passing on all the little tricks to the next generation allow me to have an objective view on my actual work. Students never ceased to ask interesting (not always) questions that push me to find helpful answers. They create their first games and then they realize how easy it is to do so, but require so much work behind-the-scene. Combining with the little help I give to the Swiss French GameDev meetup, it is my way to give back to the community.

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