Train Jam & GDC 2019

In March, I went to GDC with Alexis Simonetta to showcase our game Soup Raiders. Our goal was to get contact with publishers. But before that, our first stop was Chicago:

I had the misfortune of having my luggage delay before Train Jam, but it was long before the departure, so everything went back to order pretty quickly. I did some shopping and we embarked into the train:

With about 300 game developers filling the train, we had the chance to enjoy the wonderful landscape of the USA, with two panorama cars:

We went through Ilinois and had to detour in Iowa due to flooding, so we were already 16 hours late when arriving in Denver (I wented my breakfast at the train station). Then we went through Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Nevada.

We finally arrived in Calfornia about 20hours late (which meant we missed the Swiss dinner, but enjoyed the Salt Lake regions).

Before GDC, it was time to visit a bit the city and we went to the Comic Museum:

Now it was time for the GDC and the European Game Showcase. We showcased the game on the Switch for EGS:

And then it was GDC, with our booth:

But I spent also some times at the park Yuena Buena park next to the convention center, meeting old and new friends there:

I enjoyed this GDC more than I was expected, no stress, never bored, always meeting with friends and I guess, that’s the true GDC experience. That was for GDC 2019




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