Fresh Off The Boat – a game for NewsGames Hackathon at ZHdK


We created a game in 4 hours. That was the challenge of the ZHdK NewsGames Hackathon of the 6th of May.  NewsGames are a special genre between Serious Games and Traditionnal Video-Games, about news, events or political situations (Papers Please can be considered a News Game).


We decided to create a game about immigration, with a very macabre concept. The player tries to rescue Africans refugees who are drowning. At the end of the game, a newspaper indicates how many people died.

I really like the adrenalin of those types of challenges, so it was a nice afternoon doing “Fresh Off The Boat”. You can play it here for Windows 64bits:


One thought on “Fresh Off The Boat – a game for NewsGames Hackathon at ZHdK

  1. Your blog turned up no.1 when i searched for ZHdK Newsgames. Will be useful for my report on my exchange semeter. Thank you 🙂

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