Epic Game Jam – Round #2


Last week-end, I participate to te Epic Game Jam Round #2. We made “Meow Zedong, The Great Helmsman, Future Chairman, The Urinal Leap Forward” (a 74 characters title) a 3d shooter. You play as Meow Zedong who pees on hordes of catpitalists and fights a special boss (with a moustache). The team was composed by Frederic Dubouchet (anirul), Antoine Tuloup, Wiktor Wasowski, Corentin Colinet and Fiorella Annoni.


The main concept of the Epic Game Jam is to add subthemes along the course of the week-end. Of course, that gives an advantage to wtf game where subtheme can be added easily.
In term of organisation, foods and drinks are available for free, which is something every local gamejam should provide:


Also the main theme is discovered with one participant hitting a pinata. An epic way to begin a gamejam.


So, this was an intense week-end, but I’m happy at the end that we managed to finish a 3d shooter and that we slept enough at Antoine place. Looking forward for round #3.





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