Black Whiskers – a GBJam 4 entry post-mortem

title_screen2It took some time to write this post-mortem. It was a long week those last ten days from 8th to 18th of August, but with a little team, we manage to create a little game called Black Whiskers. Without transition, here is the post-mortem:

What went right

  • Super pro team. We were efficient, high-quality assets. Awesome no?
  • We were all motivated bythe initial idea and could expand on it (by adding two more levels)
  • I was able to put dumb jokes in the game and some crazy narration.

What went wrong

  • Asthom had some trouble with his schedule, so sound design suffered a bit
  • A first level and gameplay WAY TOO HARD for a simple game jam entry (probably due by the fact that Hack’n’Slash is not the genre for Game Boy)
  • Some problems with pixel-perfect on Unity

In the en, it was still a very funny gamejam, we laughed a lot with Alexis. Now, I need to do a game jam without cats.

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