Splash Blast Panic – Epic Splash Tournament


I am gad to present the new version of “Project Splash” with an all-new title: “Splash Blast Panic”. Of course, not only did the title change, but we reworked on the gameplay, the graphics, the musics & sounds. It is not the final version, but it is a step forward that was crunched hard one week before the Epic Splash Tournament, where 11 people tested the game and fight against each others. Very talented players won the tournament and I had the pleasure to play against them at the end and to be totally destroyed at my own game.

We have a main menu with (inexistent) options (uhuh!). We added a 2v2 mode where players are linked with a chain. We still need to work on this part, but seeing and playing this mode with other was a lot of fun, so I guess the initial idea worked.

In term of gameplay, the big change comes with the shooting frequency. The original gameplay was more of a flux, now it is more projectile-oriented. Like Smash Bros, we added a regression on the player resistance to water, but not indefinitely. It means that being shot several time in a row increase the ejection force, but as soon as the character avoids the water, its resistance comes back to normal. This change was included to make place for items:

  • Double-Gun: Multiply the shooting frequency by 2
  • Mega-Gun: Very low frequency, but powerful shoot
  • Mirror Shield: Reflect water projectile

We have other items in our mind and we will implement them as they come.

An other change to the gameplay was on the physical part. The first change is the Dash Down, where player can dash down on someone to throw their opponent down. It was the most spectacular mechanic of the tournament, when skilled players were able to dash down their opponent in tense fight. Like everyone screamed at those moments. The other “new” feature is the fact that at a certain velocity, when colliding, players exchanges their velocities. Meaning that if someone is camping you can fly against him at all speed and he will eject.

Victory screen now shows all 4 players and their ranks. Character selection is exclusive, meaning you won’t have two same characters on the field.

Finally, let’s finish on the feed-back of the tournament and the next steps. One of the most frustrating problem was the respawn. A lot of participants complained about it and I’m gonna work on it this month for it to be more fluid and sympathetic. A other feature I forgot was to transform the water with the mirror shield such that you are hit by your own reflected water (uhuh!). There are other things that I forgot now, but our next step is the 26-27 September, Geneva, Plaine de Jeunes (https://www.facebook.com/events/865634473473795/).

See you soon for more updates.

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