Master Project – Faith


So, I just began one week ago a Master in Game Design at the Z├╝rich University of Art. We are 6 students in the 1. Semester and there are also 5 students in the 3. Semester, with also 40 students Design Master Students. The group atmosphere is really great, because we have different courses in common.

Yesterday, we had the task to present our Master Project idea to the teachers and to the other students in Game Design. So here is my project:

I want to do a game about Faith. Let’s first define it. Faith is the conviction of a belief. As simple as that. It can do on believing that your train will arrive at the same hour than written on the timetable or to believe in the existence of a (or several) god(s). For example, in Christianity, the base of faith is the Apostles’ Creed (a good name for a Assassins’ Creed mobile clone). What is interesting to see is that there’s no mention of creationism, homosexuality and abortion in the Apostles’ Creed nor any mention of the Bible.

So, I’m between two possibilities: Faith as a mechanic or Faith as a Theme or both.

On the mechanic, the first puzzle I have is this one:




The idea is to play with the expectations and the normal reaction of a player. It is very similar to game like Antichamber or Stanley Parable. Also, Sisyphus’ Myth (cf first image) can also be an analogy to what the player are doing in video games in general. In game, it is more fulfilling to achieve a small challenge, like Sisyphus pushing his rock.

On the theme side, I’m orbiting around the different connotations of Faith: Expectations, Trust, Meaning and Religion. Of course, it is just the beginning of the Master Project so my idea are not very clear on how I want to dive into the subject.


To come back on my presentation, the jury’s questions were more about clarification of the subject. I answered quite frankly, I’m diving into the subject so I don’t clearly know everything. Also, a member of the jury asked me this question: “Why did you choose this subject? Are you in a personal crisis?”. To put it in context, the student before me presented his Master Project idea about sex. No one asked if he had sexual perversion or sexual problems. I found very unprofessional, as it implicitly says: “This idea is so ridiculous, that you probably have personal problems.”

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