Kitten Bubble – a ZX Sequel Jam entry


After Ludum Dare Compo disaster, I needed to retake some confidence in my game jam skills. I met Chin during the Zürich two weeks ago and because we both had free time, I proposed him to participate in a random game jam the weekend before Christmas. As I was watching the website, I found the ZX Sequel Jam. It had an interesting theme, doing a sequel of a ZX Spectrum game. For those who don’t know, this is a ZX Spectrum:


The games were on tapes. You put them in, run the Tape Loader program and wait for about ten minutes for the game to be loaded. I had the opportunity to test it in the Zürich gamelab of my school. Of course, the goal of the jam was not to create a game for ZX Spectrum. I wanted something easy that did not required too much of my programming skills. So Chin and I settled for Rainbow Islands a sequel to Bubble Bobble:

So we set up for a mechanic that would combine those from the two games. The main characters were this time transformed into cats, they were throwing bubbles with a bubble thrower, they could enter a bubble and jump again from there and they could put their enemies into bubbles and then jump on them. It looks like this:


I did the simple chiptunes music with Garage Band, some sounds with bfxr and the rest with Unity. Like the GBJam, I had a lot of problem with pixel-perfect, so I finally bought Pixel Perfect that works perfectly for pixel art on Unity 5. I am still a bit pissed off by the fact that it is not native to Unity.

At the end of the weekend, I was happy with the mechanic. The game jam entry is more a proof of concept. Now if we want to go on with this game, we will need to find some long-term motivation to make it work, but I still had a nice weekend.

You can play Kitty Bubble here:

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