Swiss Train Jam


It is 18:32, as I come back for the first experiment shot of the Swiss Train Jam, an 8-hours game jam travelling thourgh the unknown parts of Switzerland. We were 5 participants, changing trains every hour, and jamming in some extreme condition of movement.
The theme that was given by David Javet early in the morning was: Rail. We divided in two teams and the results of the day are two games: Cow Lateral Damage and Meow Railways. I took a lot of pictures and activated my social network mode. As you can see:

My experience was that a trip should at least be 30 minutes to be productive and comfortable. The trip from Lausanne to Montreux was a bit to short, but the pause in Spiez that I was afraid of was actually very welcome. The landscapes of Switzerland are wonderful and oxygen the process of being in front of the computer. We had a lot of fun together and the transit between each train is a nice way to pace the game jam. I learned a lot of useful things for a real first edition and I hope that scaling up the format will not destroy the fun of it.

IMG_1769 IMG_1771 IMG_1772 IMG_1773 IMG_1776 IMG_1778

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