Post-Mortem Frankenstein Play Jam and Epic Game Jam Round #3


What a monster did I create. “Return to Castle Frankenstein” is an experimental game, switching narration and mix of horror. I had to put together completely different assets and the result is a monster of a game. You can download it here.

Okay, I cheated. I did not use all the assets, but I could not do miracles. I had a very limited amount of time and exams at the same time. The execution was pretty random, but it is the goal of a Play Jam. I am expressing this notion of play, not of game, no rules, fuck the rules.

Did I enjoy it more than typical game jam? Yes and no. When you see a new asset arriving, you think about it, you try to think how the hell you are going to put it in the game. The funniest part is when artists only gave me atlases of their models. Do not expect me to put the arm at the correct place. The end of the game jam was though. I just finished my master and I just wanted to sleep, but no, I had to finish the game that so many people were waiting, and I was alone.

When I released the game, I enjoyed a whole day of sleep. And I also started to move out from Zurich, putting everything in boxes.

As soon as all my boxes were in my room in Lausanne, I left for the 3rd round of the Epic Game Jam, completely exhausted. Like every Epic Game Jam, I went with Frederic Dubouchet and we planned to crate a 3d game on Unreal Engine. With Ramiz as an artist, I started to create the music.
We finally crated Green’s Revenge a 3d shmup with a 2/3 camera view: here.

During this summer, I will start working on Soup Raiders, a tactical-RPG remake of our GBJam 4 game Black Whiskers with Alexis Simonetta, a lot of fun in perspective. I will also continue to work on Splash Blast Panic, adding Online Multiplayer, a lot of fun in perspective :D.

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