Gamescom 2016


It has been two very long weeks. Kevin and I were working hard to have the best Splash version for the tournament and for the Gamescom. For me, the work was mostly about making the game as stable as possible. There are some minor details still to change, but everything is coming together.
The tournament was an awesome experience. 11 participants tried as hard as they could to win the precious Steam keys and water guns. I commentated the different matches in French, how I loved it. I could express so much emotions and stress a bit the players.
Finally, we had our winners with very intense finals.

All of that to prepare ourselves to go to Gamescom. I went to Zurich to meet my previous roommates. We played some Splash Blast Panic, Rocket League, and watched Indie Game: The Movie. I always have so much emotions when I watch this movie and just before Gamescom was the best idea. My flight was in the afternoon and I went to setup my “booth” at the Respawn with my MacBook Pro, next to a game developer neighbor with big screens and a 3d game. No need to say that I did not stay at my booth the two days of Respawn. It was all about meeting other developers and drinking beers with them. I met Alain from Alkemi, Thomas from KaiserGames, Benoît from Bento, Eline and JP from the Dutch Game Garden, …, and so many more. And Gamescom did not even started.

On Tuesday, I setup the two booths at the Business Area and the Indie Arena Booth. We were ready for the public. I went to party back at the Respawn party, before going home.

On Wednesday, it was starting. I had meetings with publishers in the evening with the Pitch and Match platform from BIU.DEV. I was not stressed, just ready. Before that, we had to showcase our games with other Swiss products. During the week before, nobody did anything in term of event announcement, and it was done on facebook one hour before. No wonder why there was not much people. For Splash Blast Panic, I did not care. I wanted people present to enjoy the game and we had someone passing by who wanted to know more about the game. That over, I went to the Pitch and Match. I pitched Soup Raiders and Splash Blast Panic and got my contacts. It finished with the VIP BBQ of the Indie Arena Booth.

On Thursday until Sunday, it started. People were running everywhere at 10am, to be the first in queue that could last 4 hours to play the latest games. As an exhibitor, I could be before everyone and be the first of the queue. I tested Endless Space 2 and Civlization 6. We had priority passes to get to play on the Xbox Booth. Christian and I played Titanfall 2, because nothing is better than playing a FPS on console 😉 We even got our selfie with one of the producer of the game.


Kevin and I were switching time at the Indie Arena Booth and recovering at the couch of the Business Area. We got some contacts at the Business Area, but it felt weird to be at the middle of fortresses from Blizzard, THQ Nordic and the rest of them. I did not do my job of sending mail to the press before the Gamescom, so there were not so much people coming. Some Swiss Germand journalists asked us some questions and we got featured in several newspaper, but as a business man, I know that the conversion paper journal to sales is nothing, so I did not mind much.

On Saturday, the Business Area was close. We had to survive, go out because of the noise. Players enjoyed the game, and the mailing lists papers that we planned were completely filled. Everytimes that people were laughing because of some situations in-game, I was also smiling. After one year working on the game, it felt good to realise that we created a good product. We had the nicest neighbors. On the left, we had our Swiss colleagues from Niche and Schlicht and on the right, the Israeli from Judgment and the French from Pankapu. I had some nice contacts with them.


On Sunday, we were counting the hours until the end. We brought back the PC, took the poster and went to eat something before going home. I took my time to sleep well and to look back on those crazy weeks.

Gamescom is the place to be for indie game developers who want to meet their peers and show the game to their public. We had awesome feedback and we are happy to come back next year. Elias out.

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