NSFW – SAE (Super Awesome Extreme) Game Jam – Robot, Mon Chéri


With my new job, comes new responsibilities. I had the task with Game Department to organise a game jam at the SAE Institute Geneva. I had to select the theme and kickoff the event. You can see my interview in French here:

For the theme, I choose Mechanical Love for the combination of two interesting concepts. I really hate blank theme or too specific ones. In the list of very bad theme: NGJ15 with the theme “Obvious” and the Epic Game Jam Round #2 2015 with the theme “90% water, 10% evil and 5% skin”. People were happy about the theme and scattered around the school to work on their project.

With Julia Klement, we decided to take literally and to make a robot-dating game sort of like Tinder with robots. We took some characters from Splash, added other characters. Here is the cast:

mechanica_happy2 vacuum_neutral 01sr_happy toaster_hot

The game is called “Robot, mon chéri” and you can play it on Android and Desktop here: https://teamkwakwa.itch.io/robot-mon-chri

I leave you with the shy robot ending, enjoy!


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