Faith 0.1


Today, in the Research Workshop, we had to finish our master project O_O

So I took the opportunity to play with the concept of my master project and create Faith 0.1, a first version of the game I am trying to achieve.

You can play it here.

It’s Windows 64 only. WASD to move & jump.

Don’t hesitate to record you playing, I like feedback.

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Conference #NotInYourMouth


“The best conference I followed in the last two years” said Stefano Vanotti, the Research Workshop responsible. That is the feedback we received for the conference we organized. The conference can be described with this image:

B_0vyIgUcAAzHEt.jpg large

That was the close keynote of the conference. I was sort of the host for the show, presenting every lecturer. We began with a welcome from @Philo, the Chair from the #NotInYourMouth conference. Then we had a opening keynote from Nambirajan about Jugaad, which is an Indian attitude about designing things quickly due to circumstances, or better described:

We then went into three presentations from Thomas, Maria and Henrik that talked about Paper Prototyping, Get out and Test! and Diagram Design.  

After, we went to the three different workshops: Oudentity, Fear & Shame and Event Design. I went to the Fear & Shame Workshop, because why not?



The three workshops leaders and three participants went around a panel for a discussion:

We then finish with the close keynote of Joshua:

We had a lot of fun. The teachers were impressed with our motivation. That was a good day.

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During 3 days, I was in the Devonshire with 11 friends of mine. We had a beautiful home in Halberton.


The first day we went to the south. Visiting Totnes, we ate the typical gourmet sandwich. I went to a cloth shop where I bought a pair of gloves from a nice Londonian who lived in Totnes since 23 years. He indicated me a beautiful road following the sea. So we went there:


Blackpool Sands is an enormous beach in the Startbay. We contemplated the sea before going to Starpoint (see the first picture).

The Saturday, we went north to Lynton, a beautiful little coastal city. This is where we ate typical british food:


Yeah, Fish’n’Chips, so tasty, wow! We stop for the sunset:


On Sunday, because of the International Women’s day, we went to Prime Mark (or Markt for Liliane). But there is no need for pictures to see this.

A nice week-end with golden friends.

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