I feel like a sedentary person. I mean I’m a geek… if I’m far from my computer, I’m not at home. And it was fine for me the previous week. I just had enough of crunch time for the summer holidays and I just needed some chilling time with some friends. I was at the same location 5 years ago, with the same friends and at that time, I had restarted the first year of EPFL. Time has changed and now I’m following my dreams. I had this awkward feeling to see my 5-years younger self and to tell to calm down. I sing a lot of “Father and Son” with this attitude.

Coming back from this week is hard for me. I have to start working again after one week of laziness. I have to clean my room (sigh!) before going back to Z├╝rich. I will meet the Swiss-French Game Developers on Wednesday. I have to work on Splash until the end of September for all the conventions we are doing at the end of the month. And I just want to do nothing =(

Ok, back to reality!

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